About us

With more than 30 thousand associated firms, not only linked with: trade, Tourism, and services, but also with logistic transports, shipping, and high technology employing quite one hundred and thousand people.“CONFCOMMERCIO LIGURIA”, representst the focal point of Region Liguria, and all the regional and local institutions.

During his work, CONFCOMMERCIO LIGURIA, attempted to get the target to develop and consolidate the local associations, trying to meet the requirements of the firms, putting in evidence the most important characteristics, of peculiar activities, and of the territory.

 Moreover with its efforts, it underlines the importance of developping the country, in order to attract high quality tourism, but also to supportort productive Investiments, through a tax relief, which could help people to invest in Liguria.

According this point of view, CONFCOMMERCIO LIGURIA, works in order to support and improve all the activities placed on its territory, and moreover it tries to check regularly for the economy of Liguria