Sell in the world

Would you like to sell the typical product of Liguria abroad? We can help yo

The ligurian gastronomic specialities are considered an excellence, infact they are required in all the world.

The foreign market can offer the possibility of growing, but companies should follow particular rules, for instance about the transport of fresh products.

Selling abroad needs special competencesout and in the company.

 One of the most important strategies to export food is to find a buyer for their products.

  • Besides you have to know well the market where you want to sell italian products; you can check the situation consulting on line and off line issues; it is important to knowthe request of a particular product, moreover, if you sign at the foreign trade institute, you can be informed about custom fees, and about many other important details.
  • Another aspect to be considered are the laws which regulate the export of italian products, infact very often the laws of the countries involved in trade transactions create misunderstandings, difficult to be solved.

In the UE, goods can circulate freely  without customs duties; when you want to export goods in extra UE contries, you can meet some difficulties such as higher custom duties and moreover there are some countries which forbid the trade of some products, in particular food. That’s why it is very important to take information about the country you chose , before starting to export abroad.


  • It is possible to find competitors, because there, coul be other people , who are trying to sell a similar product; so you have to analyze the conditions of trade, the prices, the sale terms, in order to avoid great mistakes.
  • If you like to export italian products abroad, you have to choose the best transport operator. If you find a good operator, you can save money, time, because many bureaucratic issues , as insurances, customs procedures, will be executed by them.